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Tiger brown sugar syrup (1kg)

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Compared with normal brown sugar syrup, Tiger brown surgar syrup is "thicker" and "stickier" which can be be drizzled on the side of cups to make your tiger stripes! , which is the most popular bubble tea drinks currently on the market

Our Tiger Sugar Milk Tea Syrup has the dark brown look and delicious caramelized flavor and aroma.

* Dark and thick crystalline syrup with sweet, caramelized flavor.

* Best paired with Black Sugar Syrup for drink flavor, and mixing with milk.

* Used to create that insatiable "tiger sugar" boba trend.

How to make tiger tea

-Add 50-70ml of tiger brown sugar to 500g of cooked pearl in a pan

-Cook with small flame within 5-10 minutes, stir constantly

-Put the pearls into a cup

-Turn the cup horizontally to make sure it stick to the edge of the cup.

-Add ice full cup and pour in milk till full.

Shelf Life: 18months

Made in Taiwan

* Net Weight: 1kg per bottle, 16bottles per case

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