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Sweet Taro Can Diced (870g)

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This taro is cooked with honey to bring out its natural sweetness. Taro is a purple root vegetable extremely popular in Eastern countries. It has a light flavor that turns creamy when cooked, and the texture is often compared to that of a potato. The taro, however, is much healthier than a potato because of its richness in fiber, potassium, calcium and other minerals.


Ingredients: Taro, Sugar, Water


How to make Fresh Milk with Taro

  • Smash 100g of Taro into Taro Paste
  • Turn the cup horizontally to make sure it stick to the edge of the cup
  • Add ice full cup and pour in milk till full
  • Add any toppings, like Pearl, Agar Jelly etc


Shelf life: 24months


Net weight: 870g, 12 cans per CTN

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