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  • Phoenix Oolong Tea 500g 鸭屎香
  • Phoenix Oolong Tea 500g 鸭屎香
  • Phoenix Oolong Tea 500g 鸭屎香
  • Phoenix Oolong Tea 500g 鸭屎香

Phoenix Oolong Tea 500g 鸭屎香

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When you drink Phoenix you are tasting a unique tea produced by a single family. In Chinese, this tea is known as "Dan Cong" meaning a single tree; the farmers that produce our delicious tea care for each tree as a family passed down an inheritance. These leaves brew a sweet, vivid tea with a delicious fruity taste. Boasting notes of peach and lychee, Phoenix Oolong is a rewarding drink for any connoisseur.


  • Phoenix oolong tea leaves
  • Water
  • Ice


  • Tea leaves: 1 part
  • Water: 30 parts
  • Ice: 15 parts


  1. Preparation

    • Gather your brewing equipment: a teapot (Jug), Clean and warm them with hot water.
  2. Measuring

    • Measure the tea leaves, water, and ice according to the specified ratio. For example, if you are using 5 grams of tea leaves, you will need 150 ml of water and 75 ml of ice.
  3. Heating Water

    • Heat the water to a temperature between 90-100°C.
  4. Brewing

    • Place the tea leaves into the teapot.
    • Pour the hot water over the tea leaves. Make sure the water covers the leaves completely.
    • Let the tea steep uncovered for 8-10 minutes. This extended steeping time allows the tea leaves to fully release their flavours.
  5. Cooling

    • After the steeping time, add the measured ice to the brewed tea. The ice will cool down the tea and dilute it to the desired strength.


  • Water Temperature: Ensure the water temperature is between 90-100°C to properly extract the flavors without burning the tea leaves.
  • Steeping Time: The 8-10 minute steeping time is crucial for fully developing the tea’s flavors. Do not cover the teapot during this period.

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