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Mix Berry Flavor Powder

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Mix berry flovor power used for making bubble tea, smoothies or adding into plain yogurt to make strawberry yogurt.

How to make mix berry milk tea (500ml)

  • Put 150 ml of hot water in a 500ml Shaker
  • Add 30g of mix berry powder and 10g of creamer, stir it well
  • Then add 25 ml of fructose and mix it well
  • Filled with crushed ice and shake it
  • Enjoy your drink

How to make mix berry smoothies (500ml)

  • Put 100ml of water into blender
  • Add 40g of mix berry powder, 25g of creamer and 30ml of fructose into blender
  • Add 350g of ice and blend it well
  • Enjoy your smoothies

Shelf Life: 18 months

Made in Taiwan

Net weight: 1kg, 20bags in a Case

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