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Grass Jelly Syrup (3kg)

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Grass jelly, or leaf jelly is a jelly-like dessert carefully created by boiling the aged stalks and leaves of the plant Mesona Chinensis with other ingredients to produce this delicious semi-sweet translucent black jelly. Grass Jelly in a convenient liquid form to quickly create delicious grassy jelly to serve as a dessert, in drinks, or hot or cold by itself !

Grass Jelly Topping (Commercial Use)


3kg Grass Jelly syrup

9000ml water

160 g Tapioca Strach

How to make to Grass Jelly Topping

1. In a small pot, mix together the 160g of tapioca strach and 1000ml of cold water to make it thick and set aside.

2. In a very large pot, mix together the whole can of Grass Jelly Concentrate Liquid and 8000ml of water, and bring to boil. Please keep stirring until it boil.

3. Add 900g of sugar (or personal preference) to the second step

4. Slowly add the tapioca strach mixture (first step) in the the grass jelly mixture (third step)

3. Let the mixture cool completely, then store in a refrigerator until becoming jello form.

*If desiring to serve hot grass jelly, skip step 3.

*Suggested serving size as topping: 100-150 g.

*It is recommended to serve the jelly within 4 days of making.

*Keep the jelly refrigerated. Do not freeze.

Made in Taiwan

Shelf Life: 24months

Net weight: 3kg;

6 units per case

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