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Golden Tapioca Pearl (2.3) (3kg)

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Regular Large Tapioca Pearls are approximately 7.6mm in diameter (less than 12mm after Cooking ) ) These are also commonly known as boba, or pearls, and are most often found in milk tea drinks but also are great as a topping for frozen yogurt or snow ice. It is very popular because of its chewy texture. Tapioca Boba (aka pearls/bubbles) is a traditional drink addition that is chewy and can be sweetened with sugar and honey. As it is made from tapioca, it has very little flavor when eaten by itself without sweetener. Please see receipt section to learn how to cook Boba. Boba is often added to Milk Tea, Smoothies, Shaved Snow and Frozen Drinks.

Cooking instruction:

1. Add 1 cup of perals into 6 cups of boiling water.

2. Boiling bubble for 25 mins (Small to medium flame)( stir constantly).

3. Turn off fire and let it stand in the pot for another 25 minutes.

4. Raise in the cold water

5. Add fructose or brown sugar syrup to enhance flavor

6. Ready to serve.

7. Consume within 4 hours recommended.

Stroage and care:
- Please store in cool, and dry places.

- Once opened, please put into an sealed container.

- If can't finish in the short period of time, please put into freezer

Made in Taiwan

Shelf Life: 8months

Net weight: 3kg;

6 units per case

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