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Blender (Flossy Cream+Frappe+tea brewing)

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Fresh making bubble tea, fruit tea l, hot/cold tea fast with this blender.

Come with 3 containers (brewing tea, cheese form maker and smoothie maker)

Using this blender to

-create cheese form with our cheese form powder

-brew tea with our fresh tea bag

-make fruit smoothie with any flavor of Syrups

* Perfect for liquids, best used with tea bags

* Easy to use interface (2 dials and 1 button)

* Different variables (shake, tea brewing, milk foam, cream, speed)

* Set speed control

* Removable blender container for easy cleaning

* Blender container included - holds 1200cc, spill-proof lid and measurements on side

* Overload protection

Model: YL-9190A

Power: 220V/50Hz/1500W

Net weight: 5kg

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