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Boba Tea Wholesale

Boba Tea Wholesale Supplies Are More Affordable Than Ever.

There are drinks and then there are GREAT drinks. If you have ever had boba tea, you know how refreshing, flavorful, and delightful the beverage can be. Traditionally, the drink found its way to Australia by way of Taiwan as it was first invented in the '80s. By the time that the 90s rolled around, boba tea was a full-fledged sensation and it remains popular to this day. By now, you should know that bubble tea shops are going to be here to stay for a while. In fact, you might even be the owner of your very own boba tea shop. No matter what brings you to UTEA, you have found the best boba supplier in Australia!

Let us say that you are looking for a boba supplier in Australia. You love the taste and want to stock your business with supplies. To make the process inexpensive, easy, and delicious, you'll want to buy your boba tea wholesale. Boba tea, referred to as bubble tea, is a hybrid tea that starts with a base of milk, tapioca pearls, and optional flavorings, such as fruit. Once the pearls are added to the team, everything is mixed within an industrial mixer. Don't think that boba tea has to be a boring beverage, either. You can have as many flavor combinations as you desire. With additional flavor additives like TC Banana Flavor or Lychee Flavor Powder, you'll be able to customize each drink to the pleasure of your customers at work or the guests inside of your home.

Now that you know what it takes to make your boba tea, let's start setting you up to bring the right supplies home! Here at UTEA, we are a boba tea wholesale supplier with a fully-stocked inventory of products. Our shop is sorted into a dozen different categories that include powders, toppings, pearls, syrups, and tea bases. We also are proud to offer commercial equipment as well as custom-printed paper and plastic products. To explore some of the benefits of our customization offerings, you'll want to head to the Custom Printing section of our website. In order to give our customers the most pleasurable experience possible, we offer wholesale prices, free deliveries to the Melbourne metro on orders over $100, as well as a litany of other little benefits.

When it comes time to set up your boba tea shop or stock your pantry with bubble products, UTEA is there to help. You can order products online or reach out via any of our social media platforms to hear more information about our products as well as answer any of your questions. When you shop at UTEA, you end up with delicious products at a great price!

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