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Lychee and dragon fruit smoothie: New DIY Recipe

Honey Aloe Vera


50ml flavored syrup

50g of Diced Fruit Can

150ml of tea

250g of ice

50g of Toppings (Jelly, Popping ball or ALoe Vera)


  1. Add 1 four season tea bag into 200ml hot water and rest for 5mins

  2. Put 50g of Honey Aloe Vera into your serving cup

  3. Prepare your smoothie by adding the following ingredients into a blender and blend it for 20-30seconds

  • 50ml of Lychee syrup

  • 150ml of four season tea

  • 50g of Diced Dragon fruit (with Juice)

  • 250g of Ice

4. Pour your smoothie into your servicing cup and enjoy your drink

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